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「By Sebas-san? What was it about?」

「It’s umm… Well, it was something like a farewell.」

The last piece of advice he gave… I’ll ask about Ria’s physical condition when we’re alone later.

『Health condition』is a bit of a delicate topic.

It’s not something you should talk about in front of such a large group of people.

And when the conversation with Ria was cut short,

「Fuu… But, everything went really well. Infiltrating the evil superpower, Holy Ronelia Empire, and attacking the great noble, Numero Dolan. In addition, cutting down one of the Thirteen Knights of the Oracle standing guard, and rescuing the president, who was our objective. After that, without losing anyone in the middle of enemy territory, we returned safely to the Imperial Kingdom. This would make global headlines.」

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Rose leaned against the wall and said so, exhaling loudly.

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「Fufufu. I was there after all. So our success was pretty much guaranteed!」

「No, Lillim, you were only – or rather, the both of us were only stalling for time, though…」

Lilim-senpai asserted full of confidence, whereas Ferris-senpai retorted.

This is a scene that unfolds almost every day in the student council room.

(…I guess it’s because we’ve all been too nervous until now.)

Such an ordinary exchange felt really pleasant.

After we took a short breather and calmed down, the president exhaled slightly.

「The Empire, who was disgraced in this incident, may be aiming for everyone’s life now. I’m really sorry for causing trouble to all of you.」

She bowed her head deeply, with an apologetic expression on her face.

「Fuu, Sie is a worry wart as ever… But be relieved. You don’t have to worry about us being targeted by the Empire at all!」

Perhaps she had some basis for that, as Lilim-senpai declared strongly.