emergency money

emergency money

That paywall model had originated from Qute Three Kingdoms and indeed, the in-game purchases of that game was the envy of many game companies.

Naturally, there were many gamers who would accuse that game of being corrupted.

But, which game company would pit themselves against money?

Chen Qi had not expected that there would be a company this righteous that not only would they spend all their money on developing the game such that they had nothing left for advertising, they would even cut their own source of income just to provide an equal gameplay experience for all gamers!

What sort of a spirit was this?

Childish... but noble at the same time!

Chen Qi’s eyes brimmed with tears. He recalled that he had joined the industry back when standalone games were prospering. Gamers like him had always remembered their core values and were striving to create standalone games that people could deem had a heart...

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But now, there truly wasn’t much of these companies with souls left.

“No problem, I’ll help you share it on Weibo right away. A good game like this must not be buried away!” Chen Qi was the first to reply.

The others naturally agreed with vigor.

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“Indeed, it’s a game with a heart! I’m off to advertise it too!”

“I don’t have much followers on Weibo. How about this, I’ll go share it to my other group chats.”

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“Those posting it on Weibo, don’t forget to include the original arts! They are the backbone of the game!”

Of course, there were those who had doubts about it.

Could this person have come just to make use of the veterans for free advertising?