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‘This is bad!’

‘Ocean Stronghold is screwed!’

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‘Our thought process for Ocean Stronghold is completely opposite with Bullet Hole!’

‘Bullet Hole focuses on the experience of veteran gamers and follows the hand sensitivity aspect of Counter Strike to its fullest! Not just that, it’s even replicating the guns and outfits with military specialists giving advice!’

‘Even though both of our games charge through equipment, Bullet Hole has the advantage through their experience of their MMORPG’s payment model! Ocean Stronghold has nothing at all!’

‘What would that imply?’

‘It meant that the veteran gamers of Counter Strike would find Bullet Hole much more enticing!’

‘Even though Counter Strike is still extremely popular, it’s already an old game and it’s not considered an online game. Most companies creating FPS games these days are trying to make a pure online game so that they can bring over the fans of Counter Strike.’

‘But the answer is obvious. If a Counter Strike gamer sees Bullet Hole and Ocean Stronghold at the same time, they’d definitely pick Bullet Hole!’

‘With these two games clashing, wouldn’t Ocean Stronghold be doomed from the start?’

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Huang Sibo was getting unnerved; the more he heard, the more he felt that Ocean Stronghold was going to fail!

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What should they do?

He looked at Pei Qian unconsciously.