Online Money Investment Project

Online Money Investment Project

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The ‘Top Student, Come Quick’ app!

Pei Qian gave He Desheng a call immediately. The other projects seemed to be in a dangerous state as well, but this project seemed to be having the most risk. Pei Qian updated the Top Student, Come Quick’ app version before the year ended, completely cutting off the possibility of using this app as a social app. It caused the popularity and traffic of this app to plummet. Many of the previously spent publicity funds were wiped out.

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He originally planned to make this project a complete failure, but he did not expect to attract more than seven million yuan in investments after telling these investors the truth.

He tried to dissuade them, but they did not take his goodwill. Pei Qian had no choice but to find ways to burn money!

As to how best to burn the money, Pei Qian had no idea. The methods were taken care of by He Desheng. He had to quickly ask him.

The phone got through in no time.

He Desheng seemed to be prepared as he replied to Boss Pei swiftly, “The money was spent in three large areas.

“The first was the development of other functions for the app. At present, the app only supports offline meetings. After developing new functions, it would be able to allow the top students and flunkies to use their cameras for interactions.

“They could also use the built-in question banks to search for the correct answers and explanations by taking photos. The functions would be more abundant. The target audience would also be wider.

“Next is publicity.

“Finally, it’s in subsidies so that the flunkies could spend less money while top students could earn more.

“The good news is the Shared Top Student app has taken root in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shanghai with rich educational resources due to our promotion. The usage is constantly increasing!”

Pei Qian interrupted decisively. “I don’t want to listen to good news; tell me only the bad news.”

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“Uh...” He Desheng had a series of good news to share, but he swallowed all of them back with one sentence from Boss Pei.

“The bad news is that the current model may be unsustainable. I’m afraid there would be nothing left once the craze dies down.”