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Horikita didn’t try to deny her words.

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In any case, if we’re trying to move up in classes, it’s probably best to get along with as many classmates as possible.

If we fight at this stage, nothing will come out of our efforts.

“That’s why I want to ask you three for help once again.”


Ike and Yamauchi immediately replied.

“Well, if Horikita asks me to help, then…”

Sudou tried to hide his embarrassment.

“I’ve never thought to rely on you, Sudou-kun, and I also never wanted you to help. You wouldn’t be very helpful in the first place.”

“Guh… I was trying to be nice, you know!”

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“Trying to be nice? I’m surprised.”

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Not surprisingly, Sudou flared up in anger, but didn’t raise his fist. He’s improving too, it seems.