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Seeing this, Ichinose decided to avoid bringing up the special exam in the first place. Instead, she focused on trying to make friends with the first-years by introducing herself and sparking up casual conversations with them. Of course, this didn’t mean that everyone opened their heart to her right away.

Having understood this, Ichinose didn’t rush the process. She approached them with a gentle smile on her face, slowly melting away the walls of ice that had closed off their hearts. It only took a few minutes of close observation to get a rough idea of what would happen next.

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“Instead of prioritizing the special exam, she’s focusing on building up relationships based on mutual trust. What an incredibly Ichinose-san way of doing things; A dazzling approach that not just anyone would be able to implement.”

Horikita spoke, expressing her first impression of this meet-and-greet.

Strategically, it was unknown to what extent Class B would make use of this, but it was extremely important nonetheless.

Ichinose’s actions provided benefits for first and second-years alike.

Horikita had described Ichinose as ‘dazzling’ for trying to take on such an active role.

From a look at the profile of Horikita’s face, I could catch a glimpse of the strategy she had begun to formulate.

“Are you thinking of a similar strategy yourself?”

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“…I am. A strategy based on private points would be too much for our class to handle. That’s why I thought it’d be important for us to establish a trusting relationship with the first-year students. But, we’re no match for Ichinose-san when it comes to doing that. Or rather, that sort of strategy is pretty much her exclusive way of doing things.”

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A certain ‘something’ was necessary in order to get the other party to accept you as their partner. That ‘something’ could be all sorts of things like private points, trust, friendship, or even obligation.

“The face and name of Class 2-B’s Ichinose Honami have already become well-known amongst many of the first-year students. The anxious students will flock to her, and I’m certain that she’ll live up to their expectations.”