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Of course, if no other groups retired, then Shinohara would have no way to escape expulsion.

Chabashira, having overheard Nanase’s suggestion, chimed in as well.

“Shinohara. I don’t want it to sound like I’m expecting you to get expelled, but… what’s your plan? It’ll be difficult to continue with the exam on your own.”

“I-I know…”

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“Then, like Nanase said, you can at least head back to the harbor and hold out until the end of the exam. It’s not like it would be impossible for you to pick up the Tasks that show up in the nearby area either.”

Their proposal was undoubtedly cruel, but it was the best option Shinohara could make now that she was on her own. If she tried to continue with the exam alone, then in all likelihood, she would end up burning out at some point. And once she ran out of stamina and provisions, she would eventually be forced to retire.

However, if she changed her approach to the exam as a whole, she could hold out at the harbor and potentially even get help from groups that passed by. That way, she might be able to survive until the end.

Ultimately, it was a far better alternative than the one currently in front of her: expulsion.

Wiping away her tears, Shinohara slowly nodded her head.

Seeing that, Chabashira said one last thing to her.

“I hope that, somehow, you’re able to make it to the starting area on your own.”

“Yes… Understood.”

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Since the school wasn’t allowed to provide any aid, Shinohara would have to get to the harbor all by herself.

After the first-years and Sakagami-sensei left, Shinohara went to pick up her bag, only for Ike to hurriedly grab her wrist.