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I tried to give myself time to think. So, I dragged her feet with my secondary weapon and explosives from afar as I thought about who Main Fushiguro really is.

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(Let’s forget how she did it first. Is she trying to use her way to consider Aguri-san’s love?)

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In other words, …she’s not robbing a relative’s ownership because of her violent attitude?

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I slipped off for a moment. However, I threw this out of my mind immediately.

(No, even if that’s the case, Aguri-san’s still really sheepish these days. Also, there’s her reaction when she took her Loverbears away. Right now, she’s clearly making Aguri-san suffer. This is an undeniable fact.)

-It’s already a reason for me to fight with that reason alone.

So, I shouldn’t distract myself and focus on the match right now.

I made up my mind and continued chipping away Main-san’s HP little by little with my refined attacks-

“Got you.”

-However, I suddenly took a massive blow from Main-san and fell onto the ground. I immediately stood up and distanced ourselves with the invincibility frame.

Main-san laughed out loud and mumbled.

“It’s getting interesting, right, Amako?”

“…No, unfortunately, I’m a guy that loves to be invincible in front of weak enemies.”

“Ha, you sure feel like a pawn. It’s more interesting when you go around.”

“This is all because of- thanks!”

After I said that, I greeted her with a wave of bullets from my main and secondary weapon. However, Main-san clutched it through and took a couple hits only. Her controls are already the same as when my little brother and I are playing these days.

(…Damn, she’s already getting the hang of it…!)

Her unbelievable learning speed sent chills down my spine. Right now, Main-san’s mecha still has 60%!H(MISSING)P remaining. It looks like it’s already pretty difficult to corner her before she overtakes me.