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…I realized something.

“(Even if Tendo-san hates me… I’m already happy.)”

I looked at my smartphone lying next to my bed.

If that’s the case… I wonder what I’m afraid of right now.

With the covers up to my neck, I fell into a deep sleep while thinking over and over again about the main character’s gallant figure in “Golden Tricks”.

Uehara Tasuku

During lunch, Tendo is going to go see Amano again.

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I heard the news from students of class F when I got to school.

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It wasn’t certain, there was no proof, and in the first place, no one knew that I spread the rumor… so it was a rumor that had no credibility at all.

However, that’s why people were so interested. Actually…

“Nee nee, tell me the truth, Uehara!”

Mika, who loved to gossip, grabbed onto the rumors and started talking about the subject like I thought she would. She doesn’t know that I’m the source of those rumors.