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“Eh? O-Okay, thank you, Tendou-san…”

Even though I really appreciated that…but…how should I put it? Being blessed by your girlfriend with “I hope my boyfriend can get his game!” I feel like…a guy like this’s pretty…Sigh, w-whatever. I’m really a crappy boy anyway. Yep, that can’t be helped.

I scratched my cheeks. Then, Uehara-kun gave me a mischievous grin before speaking.

“You really loved that game, though. The normal, you should be more relaxed even when you forget your reservation.”

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“Yeah, you’re right. Like I’ve said before, …this is the only series which meant a lot to me.”

“…I do like that as well…but is this series that attractive?”

Chiaki tilted her head. Now that I’m looking, even Tendou-san and Uehara-kun have the same expression as well.

However, I’m not freaking out at their response. Instead, I nodded with a bit of confidence.

“To me, this is pretty much the “original” game. Uh, even though it’s not the first game that I’ve played. How should I say this… This is probably the first game that “impressed” my heart.”

“Impressed your heart?”

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“Yep. Especially the second title in the series, it was based on teenage sci-fi, which is my favourite. Of course, I did play a bunch of wild and famous RPGs before, and I felt that those were indeed notable titles…But this is the one that fits my bill perfectly. I was thrilled with the prologue, my emotions rose and fell accordingly to the middle, and I even cried at the ending. Also, since that game wasn’t crazily popular at the time…This way, I got the feeling that this game belonged exclusively to me.”