Frequent making channels online

Frequent making channels online

“Time to think about the type of people to hire.”

“I can’t hire those that are too exceptional or it would affect my plan.”

“I can’t hire those that are too lousy either since I have to make a game or I can’t fulfill the requirements of the system.”

“Hmms... this is a technical job. I’ve got to think this through.”

The more Pei Qian thought about it, the more difficult things seemed.

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However, for the sake of his present and future happiness, he had to give it a shot even if it was difficult.

After contemplating back and forth, Pei Qian came to a conclusion about one thing at least.

That is, he had to scout for his own employees rather than hire them online!

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If he posted a hiring notice online, those people who applied for it would be those who thought that they could fit the criteria.

The type of people that Pei Qian wanted to hire would back off without daring to try for the position.

Simply put, the lower limit wasn’t low enough.

Hiring notices online had to be written properly.

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If Pei Qian were to declare on the notice that these people were just here to waste time, the system would definitely give him a warning.

Truly, it wasn’t enough for just a single ‘trusted aide’ like Ma Yang.

Where else could he find a talent such as Ma Yang?