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Tang Yishu felt that she had been taken care of ever since she joined Tengda. However, she had only been clearing sh*t and doing meetings. The contributions she had made did not match the intern salary she had received.

It would not be bad if he could really make this gaming platform good and share Tengda’s worries.

“Alright, you don’t have to worry about the gaming platform. I’ll help you with the preparatory work.”

“As the person-in-charge, you don’t have to interfere in these things. Your main job is to figure out Boss Pei’s intentions.”

“Once you figure it out, you won’t be far from success.”

Tang Yishu nodded. “Alright, alright.”

“Go back and wait for my news. I’ll hand over the work here. We’ll contact each other over the phone.”

After sending Tang Yishu off, Li Yada returned to her desk and fell into deep thought.

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After that, she called Hu Xianbin, who had already gone overseas. After a simple chat, she called the author of Eternal Reincarnation and asked him to come to Tengda Games.

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Yu Fei had always been in Jingzhou, working hard at the inspiration class to modify the content of Eternal Reincarnation. He had come to Tengda Games a few times and exchanged some details of the game with the person-in-charge of Tengda Games. He was more familiar with it.

Yu Fei arrived half an hour later.

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Li Yada followed him to the conference room.

“What’s wrong, Big Sister Li? Is there a problem with the game plot that needs to be modified?” Yu Fei asked.

Li Yada shook her head. “It’s not the plot.”

“I called you here this time mainly to ask you for a favor. Of course, I’ll talk to the finance department about the salary. It’s the daily settlement.”

Yu Fei smiled. “Sister Li, what are you talking about? If you need help, I won’t hesitate. Why are you talking about money?”