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Kapokapo? What the, heck…… is it good!?

“It’s here! Bro’s Capoeira! It’s like a mix of kick-fighting and dance!” [2]

“Cool~, Bro! Later, show us how!”

“Ora, you going down kid!”

“Come on, bring it on!”

Wow, that’s so cool, right? Amazing! He’s got his hands on the floor, his legs are up, his body is spinning, such skills!

“And then, from Capoeira…… Arcane True Zenith Swiveling!”

“”””It’s hereーーーーー!!!!!””””

“No wayーーーー!”

Awesome! When you think he’s standing upside down, he just collapsed and was spinning round and round on the floor with his back? [3]

『Nu…… this is…… Magical Break Dance…… keh….』

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Even cooler than what Tre’ainar taught me?

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『…… Unh!? Oi, child…… drunk or not, you must be out of your mind, are you not? …… What I teach is much cooler! In the first place, break dancing was originally conceived as a way for me to….』

“You can? I’m pissed, really, pissed off, I am~. Gonna hate stinky trainas if he don show it?”

『…………… what are you saying…. ah~, tis inevitable. I shall show you the coolest steps! Once in the Demon Realm, my performance dubbed me the King of Pop!』 [4]


『As a dexterous practitioner who has mastered every step, you should be capable!』

What? Did you dance to the trainer? Hmm, did you start walking?

『Like so, slide your legs backwards while making forward walking movements, then alternate your feet…』