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“N-No, it’s not that. Please relax about that. It’s more like this is the exact opposite.”

“The opposite?”

I expressed my confusion after not understanding what she said. Aguri-san searched in her bag and said, “Look at this.” After that, she showed me something familiar.

“…The Labears? Oh, come to think of it, didn’t Main-san take that away from you after I lost that day?”

“Yeah, Main-nee-san said we’re only wagering our ownerships. I’ll forget about the bear’s ownership.”

“Oh, that does sound like what Main-san would say- no, it doesn’t really sound like her…”

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I nodded at Aguri-san. No, how should I say this? Even though Main-san emphasizes logic, the Labears doesn’t really have to do with the duel in reality. That’s supposed to be the punishment of Aguri-san letting me off without a proper greeting.

So, it’s okay if I won at that time and got Aguri-san’s everything. However, if I didn’t pull that off, I can’t complain if the Labears are taken away by Main-san.

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However, Main-san let this teddy bear couple go away. This…isn’t like her.

Aguri-san fiddled with the Labears in her hand and scratched her cheeks. “But.”

“Although I’m a bit sorry for you to fight Main-nee-san for me, …despite Main-nee-san’s look, she’s not really a bad person.”

“Well, …sigh, how should I put this? I, …even though I hate to say this either, I can’t disagree with you.”

Even if you ask me whether she’s a good person right now, I can definitely answer, “She’s absolutely not.” However, if you’re asking me whether she’s a bad person, I’ll hesitate for a bit as well.