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I maybe thought she was waiting for a friend with an umbrella, but that did not seem to be the case.

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It might be an act of kindness to leave her alone… but I was a little worried considering that Class B has just suffered a complete defeat during the last exam.

I hurried back to borrow another umbrella.

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As I returned a while later, I saw Ichinose walking forward in the rain, embracing the fact that she would be soaked.

Ichinose wasn’t walking towards the direction of the dormitory, but instead walked in the opposite direction, towards the school.

Moreover, the raindrops bombarded her as she didn’t have an umbrella.

Although I could just watch her walk away──

I still took the umbrellas, and chased after Ichinose.

Due to the rain being too heavy, she couldn’t seem to hear my footsteps.

Even if I called out to her with my normal voice, she wouldn’t be able to hear me.

Ichinose continued to walk along the path towards the school. The school was within our line of sight.

In the pouring rain like this, there would be no one around.