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What’s more, G1 cell phones were still in a state of continuous shortage. Once they produced a batch of goods, they would be in a state of continuous supply for a period of time. Once they were sold out, they would be out of stock for a period of time. This cycle continued.

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Many customers who had not made up their minds whether to buy or not, or those who had sold out on the official website and wanted to make reservations at offline shops, formed the main force of shoppers.

Pei Qian was still wearing a mask. He pretended to be a passerby outside the door and secretly observed the situation in the shop.

Tian Mo was still diligently introducing the flaws of these products to interested customers. What’s more, he seemed to be speaking more fluently than before.

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After all, Tian Mo was not very familiar with the cell phone previously when G1 was released. He stuttered when he talked about its flaws. Now that he had used it and memorized all the parameters, he could talk about its flaws smoothly.

However, the customers were used to it and would chat with him.

“Didn’t Tengda come up with a new smart fitness drying rack recently? Why isn’t there one in your experience shop?” a brother asked.

Tian Mo immediately explained, “That product takes up too much space. The experience shop doesn’t have enough space for it.”

“If you want to experience it, you can go to the nearby Deposit Fitness. There are a few ready-made pieces of equipment there, and a fitness trainer can explain it to you.”

The man looked around and nodded. “Indeed, you can’t place it anywhere. However, Tengda is such a huge company. It is very generous in everything it does. Why is this first experience shop so stingy?”

“It’s such a small shop. It’s like a provision store. It doesn’t match Tengda’s aura. The products are not even complete.”

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Tian Mo smiled. “This is just a test site. There should be bigger shops in the future.”

A few customers walked around the shop and tried the latest model of G1 cell phone. Then, they left a message and waited to collect the goods.

The man who asked about the smart fitness drying rack ran straight to the elevator. Obviously, he intended to head straight to the nearby Deposit Fitness after leaving the mall.

Seeing that there were no other customers in the shop, Pei Qian immediately walked in and greeted Tian Mo.

“Lock the door, today’s business is over.”