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And the words you most desire. Have them acknowledge ’As expected, he is Earth Lagann’.

I will watch that moment.

Tis one thing I can do now.

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After all, I am a master.

Author’s Note

For a moment, I put in a story to make room once. I was going to do it somewhere, but I couldn’t find the timing here.

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It was good tomorrow, but today I saw a movie and my tension went up.

Translated by: Sads07

“Earth... What the hell are you?”

As I slowly took small steps to create some distance, Rebal doesn’t engage, he instead expresses his feelings.

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Maybe, with the silence that has currently fallen over the arena, it seems the people are having similar thoughts.

“As a magic swordsman, you abandoned your sword... yet you used this kind of technique.... Did you learn it from Sir Hiro and Lady Mamu?”

How did I gain this power and fighting style?

First of all, perhaps it’s my father, would be the reason they’ll consider first.