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It was a suitable place to meet up, but not a good place to have a private conversation.

“Huh?…Good grief.”

Even though she was irritated, she followed me relatively obediently.

For her part, she was feeling frustrated because she finished with fewer points than me in the uninhabited island exam.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she came at me looking for a chance at revenge.

We started to move and when we were able to blend in with the surrounding crowd, I started talking.

“It has to do with Amasawa-san, the one we fought during the uninhabited island exam.”

“…Ah, that sh*tty arrogant 1st year.”

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I couldn’t see Ibuki-san’s expression because she was walking slightly behind me.

“It’s a little hard to talk, so could you walk a bit faster?”

“Oh, shut it. What pace I walk at is entirely up to me.”

“When you’re alone, yes.”