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I appreciated him from the bottom of my heart, for his consideration for me.

“Ah yes, let’s not talk about Housen again, but can I ask one last thing?”

“If it’s something that I can answer.”

“Did you not think I would tell anybody else about the fight with Housen?”

A sudden question, perhaps one that was bound to be asked during the conversation.

If Sudou had been a witness, there was every possibility that I’d have to force him to keep quiet about it.

Of course, just in case, I thought about asking Horikita to force his mouth shut about it, but after that night, and the full score in math afterwards, I could guess what he was thinking from Sudou’s eyes.

“If it were the old Sudou, I probably would’ve arranged for it. I’d even go so far as to request Horikita to tell you to keep quiet.”

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“If it were the old me?”

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“From the OAA evaluation, the one with the highest growth in Class D is you. Unlike the time when you were hotheaded, You’re now able to calmly assess the situation. That’s why I didn’t take any measures.”

This decision was based on my own analysis of Sudou Ken.

But if it were another student such as Ike or Hondou in that situation, there could have been different developments.