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Ma Yang was the best partner for him, hands down!

Just look at how he had gone such a long way for bookstores just to get these books back.

Were they useless? Not exactly, since they were somewhat relevant.

Yet, one can’t claim that they were useful because... they just weren’t!

This was a classic example of working in vain!

Pei Qian patted Ma Yang on the shoulder. “Ma Yang, what we’re doing is design, not programming.”

“Besides, do you know that games nowadays are all created using game editors?”

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“Also, technology is developing rapidly and changing way too quickly. The technicalities in these books are already almost outdated and they’re not really of use.”

Ma Yang’s face drained of color. “I was wondering why they were on discount in the bookstores! It’s because they can’t be sold!”

“I looked around the bookstore for a long time but I just couldn’t find any books about designing games. These were all that I could find and when I saw that they were on discount, I bought a couple of them.”

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“What should we do? I can’t get a refund for discounted books!”

Ma Yang was panicked.

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However, Pei Qian was completely relieved as he smiled. “It’s fine, it’s the effort that counts. If you feel that you shouldn’t waste these books after buying them, you can browse through them. After all, they’ll be of some help no matter what.”

Ma Yang felt more at ease upon hearing that. “Do you want to browse through them too? We can take turns.”