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From the screen, the audience watched as the woman-whom the judge had replaced the male protagonist with—did the exact same thing as Lu Zhiyao had done before. The story had obviously descended into a vicious cycle, making the audience feel helpless...

The screen went black.

The movie had ended.

The ending song played, the singing sounding exceptionally sad and desolate.

This had been the song that the female protagonist, played by Lin Ruyi, had performed when she took part in the talent show. The judges had made fun of her, saying that she had been out of tune. At the time, the audience had not thought much of the song.

However, when played at the end, the song seemed slightly different. Between the two versions, the one at the end had an inexplicable meaning attached to it.

Pei Qian looked around at the other people in the theater.

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What’s going on? Wasn’t the ending toxic enough? Shouldn’t you be standing up and asking for a refund by now?

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Shouldn’t you at least be scoffing or asking ‘what the hell is this?!

The entire cinema was silent. Nobody stood up, and nobody made a sound.

The credits rolled.

Pei Qian realized that his name was listed first under the team of scriptwriters. There was even an additional line that said ‘special thanks’.

That did not comfort the shocked Boss Pei.

The first post-credits scene was of the judge, played by Zhang Zuting, sitting in his villa and nonchalantly enjoying his holiday. He gently swirled his red wine as the dark red glow bounced off the judge’s face.

The woman seated across from him had heavy makeup on. It was the lady host that the judge had pushed to replace Lu Zhiyao after the latter’s reputation crumbled.