How to find the online Raise group

How to find the online Raise group

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Yukimura had already surpassed the realm of anger and had reached the point of speechlessness.

And then, in order to organize his emotions, he began to explain.

“I… well, basically, that guy… could probably be good at math at an unbelievable degree, I think.”

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“So what’s the problem? That’s what I said, that he was a math genius, right?”

“That’s not the main point. If that’s the case, then that guy-“

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“Ah, sorry for interrupting. I had a thought…”

Just as the conversation was taking an unexpected turn, Minami Setsuya threw himself into the fray.

“Ayanokouji getting a perfect score is indeed confusing, and I don’t think there’s anything strange with what Yukimura said. It’s just that, isn’t this happening too suddenly? After all, he’s never gotten any amazing marks before.”

This time the statement was as if to add to what Yukimura had said, yet launching doubts from a different direction at the same time.

“That’s why I was wondering, has this Ayanokouji done something shady?”

What began to occur in the minds of Yukimura and many other students was the idea of “Ayanokouji is a math genius”. However, another opinion that rejected that head-on had also come up.

The doubt of “What if he didn’t do it with his own strength?”

“It’s definitely possible. Like seeing the question paper beforehand or something. Remember, didn’t that happen in the 1st year as well? It was the one test that asked the exact same questions as the previous years!”

Remembering this, Kanji Ike said loudly.

A year ago in the spring, his classmate got the past questions from a 3rd year. It was an extremely difficult test, but if you could remember the answers, anyone could get a high score.

“But assuming that the questions were exactly the same as those in the past, isn’t it weird that he didn’t give us that information? And it’s also weird that no one in the other classes noticed it as well.”

Hearing Ike’s statement, Miyamoto calmly pointed out the parts that he couldn’t accept.

“Then… it’s the method that must not be named, knowing the answer to the question in advance…? Cheating.”

“Cheat? How would he even cheat?”