91IPO online entrepreneurship

91IPO online entrepreneurship

After the door was opened, a man, seemingly in the 40s, appeared from the door. His expression became somewhat wary as he noticed the unexpected visitor.

"It has been a long time, Ayanokouji-sensei."

The man bowed deeply. The scene was like that of a subordinate and his boss.

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"…Sakayanagi. What a nostalgic face. It’s been 7, 8 years I presume."

"I guess it has been that long since I succeeded my father’s position as the board chairman. Time sure does fly."

Sakayanagi? I got a little sense of incongruity from the name the board chairman presented himself as.

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It can’t be helped that I associated that name with Sakayanagi Arisu from Class A.

"You must be Ayanokouji-sensei’s… Kiyotaka-kun I assume? It is nice to meet you."

As he was talking to the standing me, he tilted his head slightly to the side.

"Thanks for everything. We are done speaking so I’m excusing myself."

"Ah, Could you wait for a bit? I just want to talk a bit to both of you."

I couldn’t possibly refuse that from the third person, at least not from the board chairman of this school.

"Well then, have a seat."