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After my protest, Konoha-san smiled happily before asking me in a pranking tone.

“Eh…Amano-senpai, do you mean you’re the type that all people want to bully on?”

“Exactly. People often see me like that without realizing it!”

“Ahaha, I guess so! Hey, it’s fun to bully senpai, after all!”

“You just spew that insult out of your mouth so randomly! By the way, Konoha-san, I don’t feel like you’re trying to pretend as a lovely little sister anymore!”

“Eh? Ah…yeah, you’re right.”

Konoha-san gave me a bitter smile. This time, she scratched the back of her head roughly and started to face me with the true her.

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“Sigh, for me. I’m not a girl that hides everything in my heart, not to mention negative emotions. Everything from work, affection, and sexual desire- I mean power. I wanted to vent them out whenever I wanted to.”

I agree with her.

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“Ah, I know how you feel. It’s effortless for me to express my emotion out sincerely since I’ll always overthink everything and freak out. If I can’t even say something that I wanted in a place that I feel secure with, my emotions will probably erupt someday. I’m really a guy that can only vent out my anger in front of my family or close friends…”

After I said that, Konoha-san’s eyes brightened as she becomes interested.

“Yeah, I get it. I get it! That’s precisely the reason! Come to think of it, it’s the same when I’m the student president in Hekiyou…Although I didn’t become the president purely out of my acting skills, there’s a lot of times where I can’t express how I really think…That’s why I will often show who I really am when I’m chatting with my family, friends, and when I’m on the internet.”