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Just as Horikita noted just before, the other person here was none other than Ichinose.

She wouldn’t use such a method to gain an advantage in the conversation like this.

And even if she really did gain an advantage in the conversation from that, Horikita should be able to wrestle it back.

“If so, thank you very much.”

“Of course. No problem, Horikita-san, you can start ordering first.”

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Urged by Ichinose, Horikita went first and ordered.

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I was worried about Ichinose, so I closed the distance with her to speak to her quietly.

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Although it was subtle, I could smell the citrusy scent on her today again.

“Ichinose, will there be any problems with your private points?”

Although I was grateful for her treating us, her private points should be 0, as she used them all to prevent one of her classmates from getting expelled.

Although as the invitee, it was normal to treat your guests, I was still a bit worried about her financial situation.

“Ah, um, after paying here, I should still have about 3000 points. There’s no problem.”

April was approaching.

With that much remaining in her balance, she should have enough money to overcome this crisis.

But her private points should have been down to 0 for a while now.

Maybe after noticing my doubt, Ichinose added this:

“I got this money after selling my hairdryer to Class A’s Nishikawa-san. I needed to do it so I could survive in March. The others also had to resort to this.”