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In the end, that was all he said, and fell down on the spot with a thud.

Like that, my rival....

“I’m the one... who is grateful... thanks to you... I will move on to the next stage.”

I expressed gratitude for my growth and declared that I would move forward.

Translated by: Sads07

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In the excitement of the battle, there isn’t much pain. The fangs were thrust into both shoulders, the side was gouged, and warm blood was felt.

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But now, the aftertaste of the victory that I earned was greater.

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The woman who watched over me like that.... well, it’s Shinobu, but she came running up to me.

“You’re overdoing it again... seriously, you’re like that red Oni.... I’ll treat you right now...but it’s so cool...your bare bloodstained body, a really nice treat, thank you.”

Shinobu ran up to me with an angry, excited attitude.

But before I get that treatment first...