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「Chimera is different from our opponents earlier. Don’t drop your guard.」

Rose urged us to be cautious.

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「Have you fought one before, Rose?」

「Un, in the past.」

Then Rose told us about the experience at that time.

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「It was a formidable enemy. The lion in front, the goat on the back, and the snake on the tail – each attack and defend at its own discretion. Anyway, there was no gap, and I couldn’t close the distance to attack.」

「That is certainly troublesome…」

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「Yeah, but what was most troublesome was it’s outer skin. The outer skin of the chimera is very hard. If you don’t step in close enough, it can’t be cut」

「I see… To deal damage, you need to get close. However, it is difficult to close the distance because the three animals get in the way…」

Rose nodded immediately.

(It certainly is formidable…)

This monster is no fool.

It has a good grasp on the distance which would spell trouble for it.

In other words, if you try to close in more than a certain distance, the three animals – lion, goat, and snake will block you simultaneously. Certainly, just from listening to the story, I understand that it’s a formidable enough an enemy.

Then we discussed with each other and decided on a strategy.

First of all, me and Ria – the two people who can unleash heavy attacks in close combat, will suppress the lion and goat which holds raw power.