What store can be made online can make money

What store can be made online can make money

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Wouldn’t spending it on this be more worth it than hiring fake reviewers?

Of course, Pei Qian had not thought about which industry to use this limit on.

However, there was no need to rush. After all, there were still more than two months until this cycle’s settlement. There was still a lot of time to slowly consider.

Meng Chang was also sitting in the car with a slightly uneasy expression.

His original plan was to continue slacking this week and think about the publicity plan next week. However, Boss Pei had asked him to go to Otto Technologies to see the smart fitness drying rack today.

Meng Chang had no reason to reject him and could only follow him.

He was feeling complicated.

Initially, Meng Chang hated and feared Boss Pei because he had already received a base salary for several months. Obviously, this was all thanks to Boss Pei.

Meng Chang was being played by Boss Pei, but he had no choice and could only rage helplessly.

However, what happened recently changed Meng Chang’s impression of Boss Pei. He could not figure out what Boss Pei was thinking.

At first, Meng Chang wanted to do the promotional plan for Otto G1 cell phones, but Boss Pei stopped him. Meng Chang thought that G1 cell phones had poor sales. In the end, he saw that there were obviously good reviews online!

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Meng Chang could not help but feel a little afraid. If he had created the publicity plan earlier, he would probably have gotten a zero commission!

Was Boss Pei trying to protect me by not letting me do the publicity for the G1 cell phone?

He could forget about getting a commission this month if he did this publicity plan. If he did not do this publicity plan, he might be able to get a commission of 10,000 yuan if he could advertise the smart drying rack.