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“Conditions, conditions… Yeah, I guess I’ve got the right to make some of those as well, huh?”

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Horikita had broached the topic here in order to try and pressure Amasawa into naming her requirements.

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Her fundamental goal of not engaging in a financial battle with the other classes probably hadn’t changed, but, if Amasawa’s price was cheap enough, there would be room for consideration. After that, all we could do is pray that she wouldn’t ask for an absurd amount of points like Shiratori and his friends had earlier. However…

“I’d say I like strong, powerful people, ya feel?”

Amasawa smiled devilishly as she brought up something that seemed to have nothing to do with the special exam.

“What on earth are you talking about?”

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Horikita furrowed her eyebrows out of suspicion, having expected the conversation to go from academics to private points.

“For me it’s like, I’ve been super worried about what to do for this exam, you know? Should I go for the top spot and study as hard as I can and by pairing up with somebody smart like Horikita-senpai…? That, or should I just try to get through it without having to worry all that much? And, if I were to choose not to worry about it too much, I might as well pair up with someone I’m interested in, right?”

It was certainly a better decision than working together with somebody you hated or somebody who didn’t care at all.

“And I’m particularly interested in strong, powerful guys.”

At this point, she repeated what she had said moments earlier a second time.

Horikita’s head was spinning, trying its best to understand what Amasawa was saying.

“So in other words… you want to know if Sudō-kun is strong or not?”

“Correct. And I’m not talking about being mentally strong, it’s about being physically strong. Well, from his physique, he looks like he does a lot of sports and stuff, so that gives me a solid idea of where he’s at.”

Amasawa turned and pointed at Sudō, a student who should be irrelevant to those who have an A rating in Academic Ability.

Although he was somewhat shy, Sudō was confident in his body, so he nodded and began to pose a bit for her.

“You wanna partner with me?”

Saying that, Amasawa reached out to caress Sudō’s cheek.

“W-well, you’d be better off if I had an A in Academic Ability and all though… Would you really be okay with me?”