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“I never thought we will get there that quickly.”

“Yeah, her little sister arrived shortly. Honestly, I wanted to talk to Hoshinomori-san alone.”


“Both of us love gaming, right? It makes sense that we want to chat with each other.”

“…You can always talk to me about gaming.”

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I felt a bit unpleasant after asking her, Tendou-san quickly realized what’s on my mind, she moved her head towards me before chuckling.

“What’s wrong, Amano-kun? Are you jealous?”

“I-It’s not like that…! I-It’s just that I hate Chiaki, yes!”

“Ohoho, you are getting jealous of the relationship between Hoshinomori-san and me, interesting.”

“I-I said it’s not like that. Why would I get jealous because of that…”

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I explained myself nervously. Then, Tendou-san gently smiled. Although I don’t know what’s going on, she seems to be willing to forget what happened between Chiaki and me earlier.

“Well, then let’s cheer ourselves up at the arcade.”

“Sure. Hey!”