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What’s more, people had already accumulated a lot of resentment towards Hope City’s high crime rate. It was very easy to add fuel to the fire with Phil stepping forward.

If the Casanova Phil had commented on this incident a few months ago, most people would have thought that he was boasting shamelessly.

However, now, with the hot influence of ‘Successor’, many people viewed Phil as an industry insider who truly understood the problems of the superhero system.

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What Phil said made sense since he was an industry insider who really understood these things.

Thus, the angry public vented their anger on the Superhero Association and other superheroes. They cursed angrily. Why did the Superhero Association send these three weaklings to rescue the hostages? Why didn’t they send stronger superheroes? Why didn’t the stronger superheroes take the initiative to carry out missions?

In fact, the Superhero Association only sent out superheroes of the same standard according to their crime level. They could not possibly send out the top superheroes just because of some kidnapping or robbery, right?

Everything was done according to the normal rules and procedures. However, the Superhero Association had a hard time explaining because the more they explained, the more it seemed like they were pushing the blame. It further confirmed their own incompetence.

The anger of the people had not subsided even though the Superhero Association repeatedly apologized. Many fans expressed on Phil’s twitter that they hoped that Phil could step out and do something within his capabilities. If Phil was in charge of this matter, the situation would definitely not have turned out this way.

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On the other hand, Phil replied on Twitter that he had no intention of doing so. The previous tweet was also a display of his true feelings due to his righteous indignation. He emphasized that the Superhero Association was very successful when dealing with “most problems”. While they had made a “small but fatal” mistake this time, they were still trustworthy as long as they could seriously improve from this incident.

The fans also expressed their understanding of Phil. he was a billionaire who had his own company to manage after all. There was no reason for him to get involved in this mess. However, the fans still hoped that Phil would be able to comment more on matters related to superheroes in the future.

Phil reluctantly agreed to this request.

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Thus, Phil began to review the incidents related to superheroes on Twitter. If the operation was successful, he would review the experience of this success in detail and praise the successful superheroes greatly. If the operation was a failure, he would also carefully review the lessons of this failure and violently attack the failed superheroes or the association itself.