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Is it useful to make money online?

Everyone became more enthusiastic, having one successful case. They started putting forward their own projects.

Most people thought of horror themes at first such as horror hotels, horror clothing stores, horror magic toy stores, horror shops, horror desserts and snacks, horror buses, etc. However, with the continuous brainstorming and discussions about horror themes, ghosts and monsters became tiring. Some people started counter-proposing.

For example, open a very cozy maid cafe to comfort tourists’ injured souls. The haunted house experience voucher would allow you to be encouraged by the maid and give you healing drinks.

Build a healing spring in the square. It might look like an ordinary foundation, but the water would be warm. Tell the tourists to wash their hands in it to calm down from the ghosts and heal their wounds.

Plans were put forward and finalized after thorough discussions in no time

Chen Kangtuo stood by the side, constantly expressing his opinions with his facial expressions.

He had been on the Thriller Hostel project for months and had his own opinions on the location and selection of supporting facilities. He reminded them with his expression for more obviously problematic projects.

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These investors would be able to guess the problem and bring them up decisively after careful deliberation.

The proposal was perfected after a few guesses like this.

Investors were not influenced solely by Chen Kangtuo’s mindset in this process. They came up with the best plan after brainstorming.

The entire discussion was a lot faster than they expected.

The floor plan was full of words in just over three hours. Boss Li and the others had divided up the area around the Thriller Hostel and arranged for various supporting facilities according to their optimal locations. That included restaurants, hotels, snack shops, toy shops, and everything that should be there!

Of course, that was just a small part of the industrial zones.

The proposal was roughly finalized.