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Which games on the Internet can make money

“I once said ‘People learn of warmth when they touch each other, and that’s a very precious thing. The warmth of another human is by no means a bad thing.’ Do you remember?”

“You did say something like that.”

It was at the end of the 3rd semester of our 1st year, just after the special exam.

“Hesse, the one who wrote Beneath the Wheel, had the same problems as Hans, the protagonist, and was frustrated. However, he said that it was his family’s presence that allowed him to look forward and not take his own life.”

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The author, Hesse, and the book’s protagonist, Hans, seemed to have very similar backgrounds.

It can be seen that the story was a projection of his own struggles.

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As Sakayanagi gazed out to the sea, a strong gust of wind blew for a moment.


Her hat floated up in the blink of an eye. Seeing that, I immediately thrust out my hand and caught it.


If my reaction in reaching out had been even slightly delayed, the hat would have flown off into the ocean.

“Thank you very much.”

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“It’s dangerous to wear it on the deck, you know.”

“Fufu, that’s true isn’t it. However, this is my trademark.”

Sakayanagi held her hat in her hands and hugged it close to her chest as if it were something precious to her.

“Just now, I suddenly remembered something a little nostalgic.”

“Something nostalgic?”