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However, could he hide the experience shop from consumers?

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Everyone would probably know that there was a large Tengda experience shop on the second day of its opening.

Since he could not hide it, he might as well spend more money on the big screen. It would not make any difference anyway.

What’s more, he would need a huge sum of money to pay for the electricity and maintenance of the screen. That would be a long-term expense.

The big screens in the other buildings would accept advertisements. They could still make money after renting them to other companies.

However, Pei Qian definitely did not intend to rent it to other companies to make money. He would rather give it to them for free than rent it!

When the time came, he would set up a few simple logos and spend the money on the LED screen. In fact, he would do ordinary printed posters. That would be great!

Pei Qian finally met with a comfortable situation. He said to Liang Qingfan, “Alright, you’ll be in charge of the design of the big screen.”

At the moment, this design plan was only the preliminary plan. As for how to integrate with the entire building and make it look good enough, Liang Qingfan had to plan again.

Pei Qian looked at Tian Mo again. “Liang Qingfan has been busy the entire time, but he actually has other work to do. After that, you should work with Liang Qingfan and try your best to help him. Accept all the work from the experience shop as soon as possible.”

“As for the original shop, I’ll leave it to Zhuang Dong to manage.”

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Pei Qian realized that Liang Qingfan was too awesome. After all, he was a true genius architect who had arranged for him to be stunned.

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He could not go on like this. He had to quickly let Tian Mo, the second-in-command, take over. He had to strive to let the experience store run high and low, and get worse.

Liang Qingfan and Tian Mo nodded.

Both of them felt that Boss Pei’s arrangement was very right.