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If everyone in Tengda Corporation made the same plan as Bao Xu, Boss Pei would have to spend less brain cells, right?

He had to reward him!

Pei Qian was very satisfied with this plan. “Very good, let’s follow this plan!”

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“Other preparations are easy, but this professional with rich experience in wilderness survival… where do you plan to find him?”

Bao Xu said, “I’ve found it.”

Pei Qian was a little surprised. “Oh? So soon?”

After a moment of silence, Bao Xu said, “Actually, I bumped into him when I went to the Sahara Desert.”

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“His name is Sa Ziran, and he’s a retired special forces soldier. He once served at the south border. Survival outdoors is part of his daily training. He spent the longest half a month living in the primeval forest without supplies. He’s also very proficient in extreme sports like rock climbing, fast landing, skydiving, and so on. It shouldn’t be a problem to arrange for the gaming geeks in our company.”

Pei Qian addressed him as an insider.

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Good lord, who said that Bao Xu’s trip was useless?

Didn’t he use his connection?

From Bao Xu’s tone, it seemed like he had excluded himself from the gaming home?