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Amanocchi sent a sticker with an angry face and left.

I can’t help but chuckle after seeing that, and then I looked at the mirror again.

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“Alright, …I’ll be giving my everything today!”

Perhaps I’m way too excited to see Tasuku. Right now, I can see that I’m full of energy in the mirror.

“Hey, Amanocchi. I’m here.”

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I arrived at the plaza immediately after entering the Disneyland entrance. Then, I realized the small guy that’s getting pushed around in the crowd, so I waved and yelled at him.

So, he- Amanocchi, noticed me and cheered up right away as he dashed here.

“Ah, Aguri-san, good morning!”

Even though I just pranked Amanocchi this morning, he’s still running towards me with a face full of smile. He’s slightly out of breath.

I can’t help but laugh and pat his head.

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“Ahhh, Amanocchi, you’re really a loyal dog.”

“Eh? Ah, does my hair looks like I just woke up?”

Amanocchi seems to have misunderstood something, so he tried his best to tidy up his bangs. …Jeez.

I casually scratched his head and walked forward.

“Let’s go. We’re buying the Loverbears before everyone, Amanocchi.”

“Eh, what the hell are you doing, damn!”