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Hao Yun passed this document to the persons-in-charge of the other departments instead of sending it directly through the intranet. Obviously, she felt that this document was just a one-sided opinion and might not necessarily represent the opinions of Boss Pei.

Boss Pei might be enraged if rumors or misunderstandings were to arise or if someone were to interfere with the Tengda Spirit compatibility test.

Therefore, it should only be circulated within a small circle of people and shouldn’t be leaked to everyone.

Li Yada decided that she would show an employee this document to comprehend the Tengda spirit if that employee was about to be eliminated and she liked this person very much.

That was equivalent to having a good guide for those who were temporarily lost and was searching for a path.

In short, only key members could see and learn from this document. If these key members could form good practice in their work, they would naturally be able to guide the normal staff, allowing them to come together spontaneously.

Li Yada hid the document carefully into a hidden folder and encrypted it to prevent leakage.

Li Yada came to Boss Pei’ office when everything was ready. She knocked on the door and gave her schedule to Boss Pei, telling him that she would only be back on Monday and for him to contact her at any time if anything was required.

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Pei Qian smiled. “Don’t worry, I won’t contact you. Have fun and a well-deserved rest. Don’t worry about anything at work.

“It’s getting late; get going!” Li Yada left the office with an illusion of being kicked out of the company inexplicably.

Pei Qian felt a lot more relaxed now that he saw Li Yada off.

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He should be safe now since so many core members had gone abroad for play? He could rest well for one week now, right?

What a hard-won leisure time.

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Pei Qian casually swiped the web and checked the latest news.