Is it true that typing on the Internet is really true?

Is it true that typing on the Internet is really true?

Pei Qian’s head began to hurt. This hatred he felt towards Teacher Qiao did not develop in a single day. It all began with one dissing video made by the bastard. That video made The Lonely Desert Road popular and dashed Pei Qian’s hopes of losing all fifty thousand yuan his company had.

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Game Designer was one step away from complete success, and Qiao-logy was successfully created. Pei Qian had planned to take revenge, but Teacher Qiao flipped the situation around completely.

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This time, publicizing the downloadable content would not cause much loss to Pei Qian. At the very most, it would increase their sales volume. However, as the saying went: things could happen once or twice, but they could not be allowed to happen over and over again.

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It was too much!

Pei Qian had a feeling that Teacher Qiao would become an obstacle to him in the future. He had to think of a way to deal with the problem as soon as possible. However, how would he do it…?

He could not use the ‘hard’ method so he had to use the ‘soft’ one.

Could he give Teacher Qiao a sum of money and ask him never to talk about anything related to Tengda again?

No, that would be too unreasonable. If news leaked, everyone would praise Boss Pei for not caring about fame and fortune.

Pei Qian could not think of a good solution just yet. He had no choice but to call Assistant Xin in.

“Get two people to look into Teacher Qiao for me. I want a detailed report on him.”

As the saying went: know yourself and your enemies, and you will never be defeated…

Pei Qian planned to research extensively into this enemy of his, who destroyed his plans time and time again. He wanted to find out what his situation was and what his weaknesses were. Then, Pei Qian would hit him where it hurt the most.

If he was greedy and could be easily defeated by material things, then the problem could be easily dealt with.

During lunch break, the Ayanokōji Group decided to take advantage of the free time to hold a discussion at the cafe.

“Ah jeez, this totally sucks doesn’t it? Forcing someone to drop out is like, what’s the school even thinking?”

Haruka let out an exasperated sigh as she poked a straw into her drink.