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「O-Oi! This is not a joke-」

「Even if it’s a joke, it ain’t funny!」

And the next second, he was already standing right before my nose tip.

His right arm had already swung back, and the impact in the next fraction of a second was inevitable.


It wasn’t a faint or anything of the kind – it was a direct straight right.


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At a moment’s judgement, I slid my sword between my face and his arm.

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It was a perfect defense.

I dropped my center of gravity firmly in preparation for the impact.

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But still – my body was blown away horizontally like a ball.

(What is this… ridiculous strength…?!)

Defense did not function as a defense…

I spun in mid-air to reduce the impact, and somehow performed ukemi. 1

At the same time, I placed my sword in front of my navel, and assumed Seigan no Kamae.