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"That was a just a way for me to help you".

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"Wasn't there a better way for that?".

"I don't know, I'm telling you".

".....well, umm......t-thank---".

"S-See you. Enjoy your Christmas without a boyfriend!".

"H-Huh!? Even if you had ten thousand years, you still wouldn't be able to find a girlfriend too!".

For some reason, Ike decided to leave that verbal slip behind as parting words and tried to leave the place.

It's probably because he spotted Satou and Matsushita returning from the restroom. However, naturally his departure would end up being seen by those two. Upon meeting back up with Shinohara, the two of them made a dubious face.

"Hmm? That was Ike-kun just now, wasn't it? What happened?".

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"Did he bother you again? Why is our class filled to the brim with idiots?".

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"N-No, that's not it. You know".

I had thought she would direct her anger towards those two but it seems Shinohara did not make a move to tell them about the incident. And then, quietly, Shinohara looked at the back of the leaving Ike. It seems the problem did not escalate, I should go back too. It doesn't seem like I would be able to pick up any information on Satou here.

On my way back with the shopping bag containing the book in hand, I received a call. After confirming the name Hasebe Haruka being reflected on the liquid crystal display, I answered the call.

"Ahh, it's me. It might be sudden but the day after tomorrow, why don't we all gather for a paripi?".

"Ehh? Gather and do what?".

My schedule for the day after tomorrow had already been decided but I inadvertently ended up asking about the word I had never heard before.

"You don't know about paripi? Party people. In short, paripi".

I hadn't realized such a new term had been born. No, in hindsight, I feel like I may have heard someone from our class utter it before. It probably means a gathering of party lovers making merry.