Is it true that the online starring?

Is it true that the online starring?

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The hand that Pei Qian was using to hold his phone shook furiously.

What did he mean by ‘congratulations?!

Pei Qian kept his phone and walked briskly to the second floor. There was a small, private movie hall on the second floor. People could also use it to watch television shows.

Li Shi was nervous as well.

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What was going on?

Seeing Pei Qian’s movements and expressions, Li Shi guessed that the phone call was very serious. Five minutes after Pei Qian left, Li Shi got up from his seat and pretended to saunter to the second floor.

There were two levels in Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. Both had an internet cafe area and a coffee area. There were two or three customers on the second floor now, too. That was why nobody paid much attention to Li Shi when he went upstairs.

The private movie hall was meant for screening movies. However, since nobody was watching anything at that moment, Pei Qian switched on Shanghai’s satellite television program.

The moment the image changed, Pei Qian was stunned.

On the huge screen, Chen Lei’s figure appeared! He was standing in front of a microphone, strumming his guitar and singing passionately.

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“On a quiet night, I walked on the street.

“In the dim light, you waited.

“In the hustle and bustle of the city, only you understand my sorrows.

“No matter how far I drifted, I never forgot you and that intoxicating wine…”