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As Hirata left to head home for the day, Mii-chan ran out after him.

I found myself wondering how many times this had happened already.

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While one person after another had already given up, Mii-chan still hadn’t lost heart.

Was this a testament to the power of love? No… even if it’s love, the question still remains.

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She was most likely still afraid that he would come to hate her for her incessant behavior.

So then, why does she keep trying to reach out to him?

“Like, it’s super hard to see Hirata-kun act like this…”

Kei quietly spoke to her group of friends who were still in the classroom.

“Yeah. Is it really alright to leave him alone like this, Karuizawa-san?”

“It’ll be useless no matter what I say. He might hold a grudge against me.”

Hirata’s steadfast rejection from back when Kei reached out to him just the other day was still fresh in everyone’s memory.

“Yeah. First he got dumped by Karuizawa-san, then Yamauchi-kun got expelled and…”

I cast a cursory glance toward the girls as they were having their discussion before leaving the classroom.

My sights weren’t set on Hirata today. I was going to look into yet another problem that needed to be dealt with.