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A man who looked like a drunken magic swordsman, approached us while calling out.

「…Ria, Rose, stand back.」

I said in a low voice and stood in front of them.

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「Ooo… hic, lookin’ closely, you little ladies, look veeery pretty…! Why don’t you have a little drink with me?」

He came closer while staggering.

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…This is dangerous.

I concluded so,

「-Sorry, but we have something to do.」

I stood in front of the two, and politely refused his offer.

「Tch…… Nobody – asked you!」

He swung down the bottle of sake in his hand to my head. It hit the top of my head and shattered, and I was covered in sake from my head.

「W-What do you think you’re doing! Are you alright, Allen!?」

「What are you doing…!?」