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Xia Jiang was not displeased with that. On the contrary, she was even more touched.

This meal at Swan Lake Restaurant was already high-class enough. However, it was barely comparable to the unnamed restaurant.

That showed that the welcoming reception that Boss Pei had hosted was indeed very deluxe! Surely, ordinary people who come to Jingzhou could not enjoy such treatment, could they?

Boss Pei was so amazing! He had been really generous!

In the eyes of Xia Jiang and the others, Boss Pei’s image was infinitely enlarged. They felt slightly heartbroken to think that Boss Pei had been so low-key even after producing so many classic games.

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They were not doing their job for not making a report on Boss Pei sooner!

They must do well in this interview. They could not disappoint Boss Pei after the meal that he invited them to last night!

At night…

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Xia Jiang returned to the hotel. She took out her laptop and started typing furiously. She began sorting out the direction of the interview tomorrow.

She would be a little embarrassed if she continued neglecting her work.

After arriving at Jingzhou City two days ago, they had first toured the city. Then, they enjoyed a scrumptious meal and rested for the night.

Today, they went over to the internet cafe and toured some more tourist attractions in Jingzhou City. Then, they had another feast at night.

They had truly dined and wined to satiety and were thoroughly recharged.

“The schedule that Boss Pei planned had been very reasonable. He had really spent quite some effort on it.

“Jingzhou City is such a huge city. It is impossible to finish touring the entire city in one day. Therefore, he had specially arranged for the city tours to be held on two separate evenings.

“The weather in the evening is more subtle and suitable to head outside. At the same time, he ensured that the events every day were not too taxing and that they would not tire us.