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I really don’t understand... I can’t do anything about it... but... I wonder why... I don’t know what’s bothering me.

“...Minister Chitsue...... you’ve been greatly troubled too, because you’ve hired these guys...”

“Nu, Nunu...”

“So? What are you going to do? This guy has taken responsibility as it is, are you going to beat him up some more?”

Then, with a look of disgust, I sighed and spoke to Minister Chitsue, who was still shaken

Are you going to continue with that matter from earlier?

Are you going to force them to do what they know is illegal?

And then......

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“Hmph. Earth...... I don’t know what your relationship is with Bro, but you know I’m... no, you don’t think I’m going to back out for fear of you... or your parents, do you?”

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While sweating, he smiled with a somewhat gut-wrenching grin....

“If you were to report my story earlier... no one would believe what you have to say anymore, just like the delinquents in this town. Rather, as a minister, I am the one who will have the last word...’Earth has gone down the path of evil’. Speaking of, if it is now, the Imperial Capital should believe it! Then there’s nothing to fear you, you see!”

Saying that, Chitsue raised his hand and turned to all the guards with him...