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"After this, after you've finished changing that is, would you accompany me for a bit?".

".....why me?".

"Because I have something to tell you. 5 o'clock. Come to the front gate".

"O-Oi, Ayanokouji. What's up with that, what's up with that? What's up with that kind of situation!?".

For a moment, I too imagined something along the lines of a confession but I can't sense anything like that from this girl.

"Oi. What do you mean by having something to tell---".

I tried to stop her but without even paying any further attention to me, the girl left.

"What's up with that? Has the springtime of youth come for you as well?".

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"It doesn't seem like that's the case though.....".

"There's still the possibility that the girl, after seeing you show off as the anchor, fell in love with you at first sight".

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"...good grief...".

Still, my heart isn't strong enough to ignore her when I've been called for a meeting.

After seeing off that unfamiliar girl, I changed clothes in the locker room and then returned to the classroom.

Since they were instructed to disperse at the closing ceremony, half of the students were already on their way back.

When Horikita, now in her uniform, came back to take her seat beside me a while later, I called out to her.

"This round was a complete defeat. Truly".

Horikita, who replied as such, showed not a hint of gloom on her face.

"But as for me, I feel like I was able to mature during this sports festival. I never thought the day would come when I'd use the words 'using failure as fuel' but.....truly, that's what I feel".