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Obviously, uploading the ruthless regulations on Tengda Life App had not been enough.

Although he had certainly dissuaded some people, there would inevitably be others who were rebellious enough to come down and see exactly what the house looked like.

Every building had its designated butler who could also be in charge of sales because they had to explain the characteristics of the apartments to customers who came down.

What if those butlers were particularly good at making sales and speaking? What if they managed to bluff customers into renting an apartment on the spot?

That was very possible!

This was because most people who had come to apply to become butlers, including Song Kai, had experience working in other rental companies—which were adept at turning people into marketing machines who could lie through their teeth.

On top of that, the Sloth Apartments had high standards of decoration and had been personally designed by Liang Qingfan. Thus, customers would have an excellent first visual impression.

Middle-aged people who preferred grandeur would not like it, but a significant proportion of young people would love it.

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Pei Qian was only afraid that when customers came to view the apartments, they would see the same scene that they had witnessed in the promotional video. Coupled with the butler’s sales tactics, they could recklessly decide to sign a contract on the spot.

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To prevent this from happening, butler training had become an extremely important part of the process.

Thus, Pei Qian had made sure to leave Song Kai with strict instructions from the beginning: he was not to use any sales tactics if people came to view the apartments. He also could not include any subjective opinion when introducing the houses or emphasize the good points of the apartments.

Instead, when customers came, the first thing that he had to do was introduce the rigid regulations. For example, they could not move the furniture in the house, they could not buy more furniture and add more storage space, they had to have entire and long tenancies, and so on.

The butler’s lack of sales tactics would naturally serve to dissuade potential tenants further.

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What’s more, Pei Qian had purposely emphasized to Song Kai not to reveal the fact that the former was living in the building as well. In fact, they could not even hint at the fact that Pei Qian was living in a Sloth Apartment.

Earlier, Pei Qian had accidentally made that mistake with regard to Fish-Catching Take-Out. He could not allow history to repeat itself.

Thus, although many people had followed the address on Tengda Life App to view apartments in the morning, no one had decided to rent an apartment yet.

Pei Qian relaxed slightly. He only wondered how the other three buildings were doing.