Is online part-time money reliable?

Is online part-time money reliable?

Therefore, dissatisfaction with Eric appeared in Dayak Corporation and Finger Games. In order to protect his position as the person-in-charge of the Chinese area, Eric had no choice but to communicate with headquarters frequently. Many times, he had no choice but to compromise and make concessions. He could not focus all his energy on work.

Eric could not find a way to break out of the situation to outsiders.

Tengda looked too scary.

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Not only did Tengda recover quickly after a small problem with the capital chain the last time, but all their work seemed to be completely unaffected.

The snack market, large-scale experience shops, and many other projects were still advancing in an orderly manner. They did not show any mercy when spending money.

It was as if the money-burning war with Eric did not exist.

Eric was confused, doubting himself.

Was there any point in continuing to compete with Tengda in burning money?

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He had been thinking about this question for half a month and had not thought it through clearly.

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Thus, at the moment, Long Yu Corporation’s publicity for IOI’s local server was basically at a standstill. Apart from the daily publicity activities, such as the publicity for the ICL league and the game’s updated content, there were no more large-scale publicity activities.

Until now.

However, he still had to live.

Now, the skin of FV Team’s champion that had been produced since March was finally done. Eric and Zhao Xuming both felt that they had to use this opportunity to publicize it.

After all, this was the first set of champion skins for IOI and it was the countrymen’s championship. If this publicity event was done well, it would be beneficial to attract more new players to the local server.

Given the rate at which the game was developing in this world, it was obviously a long time to make a set of champion skins every three months.

However, there was a reason.