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「Aa? What the hell, were you hiding among them? Whatever, you came just at the right time. Give me a hand, Seba… Ah?」

I didn’t even realise when he unsheathed his sword. Sebas-san’s sword was already lodged deep into Gregor’s chest.

「Se..bas!? Bastard… Why did you betray us!?」

「It’s not like I betrayed. Unlike you, Gregor, I am one of the Emperor’s Four Knights. Purging a subordinate who failed is also part of the work, isn’t it?」

Sebas-san said an outrageous thing nonchalantly.

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「Moreover, a low-life that raised his hand against the president… is not someone I can call a friend anymore.」

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And he pushed Gregor off the tenth floor.

“Hiding among them”, ”Betrayal”, “Emperor’s Four Knights”, “Purging subordinate who failed”- those words struck us speechless.

In the middle of all that,

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「Sebas, as I expected, you are after all…」

Only the president pulled out her sword quickly, as if she had foreseen this situation.

「I am sorry, president. It looks like this is where we part ways.」

Sebas-san smiled painfully, as he shrugged his shoulder.

「…Now, please go quickly. If you stay too long, it’ll become troublesome due to my position.」