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Chen Lei nodded. “Of course, I can! Since it’s Boss Pei’s film, I can’t say no!

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“What’s it about?”

Huang Sibo quickly scrolled through the rough edit of the film. “These are rented apartments, but Boss Pei has given them a special meaning. He turned these unassuming and deserted old buildings into this, and so we’re naming the film ‘New Life’...

“You’re good at writing folk songs. Don’t bother incorporating this meaning into your song, as long as the style of the song fits. I’m not sure what you can write about, but feel free to express your creativity.”

Chen Lei nodded. “Don’t worry. Count on me!”

In the evening...

Pei Qian lazed on his couch, switched on his television, switched to Jingzhou’s channel, and watched the night-time news. He would not be able to dodge the attack this time.

Rui Yuchen had spoken so well and done a series of things earlier to bluff the journalist. Now, Pei Qian had no idea what kind of effect the news report would have.

The Tengda Life app was done, and so was the interview. Pei Qian’s hands were tied. All he could do was hope that the news report would be as short as possible and that few people would be watching it.

“Recently, Handong Province has embarked on a garbage sorting and standardized disposal plan. The results have been promising.

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“Garbage sorting is a social issue that is relevant to everyone’s livelihood and sustainable development. Improving garbage sorting would be an important step towards protecting the environment. To build a civilized society and further improve the quality of our urban life, Jingzhou City has made a breakthrough in carrying out garbage sorting and disposal works.”

“However, it should also be noted that, during the current implementation of garbage sorting strategies, the food and beverage industry has been experiencing many problems. Many restaurants have failed to carry out their garbage sorting obligations, disposed of food waste in violation of regulations, and failed to discharge waste as required.

“Incomplete statistics show that Jingzhou generated 14.2 tons of waste from take-out every day. Close to 2.4 million people buy take-out each day, resulting in a mixture of disposable chopsticks, plastic lunch boxes, plastic bags, and food waste. That has created huge problems in terms of garbage sorting.

“Yet, one take-out company in Jingzhou has been actively leading the way in healthy, sustainable, and exquisite principles; thus being the first to achieve the goal of generating ‘zero pollution’. Its cutlery is recyclable, and its food waste can be turned into treasure. It’s the perfect role model for all other companies in the food and beverage industry!”

The image on the screen switched to the interview that had taken place in front of Fish-Catching Take-Out Store Number One. Enthusiastic customers were seated in front of the camera, saying that they would actively support garbage sorting efforts by supporting Fish-Catching Take-Out.

Rui Yuchen, the person-in-charge of Fish-Catching Take-Out, expressed himself freely in front of the camera—introducing Fish-Catching Take-Out’s past life, Food Harmony’s current progress, and the business’ perseverance along the way.

Pei Qian even caught a glimpse of himself on screen. There was a flash of his back when the camera panned around the premises.

After that, footage of the clean and tidy back kitchen—as well as the microbial waste processor—was shown.

There was a brief introduction to the other businesses on the Tengda Life app, which had the same principles as Fish-Catching Take-Out. The core ideals of the ‘Tengda life’ stood out.